Our main objective is to develop the Palliative Care and Pain Control Clinic of the National Children’s Hospital. However, according to the statutes under which we were established, our work goes further and we have additional objectives::

  1. To develop better attention conditions for the teenagers and children who have a limited life condition or a terminal phase illness and who remain at home with their families.
  2. To develop training programs at national and international level to make known the improvements in the topic and get new knowledge that can benefit tboth patients and their families.
  3. To integrate a patronage with people who have similar purposes to the ones of the Foundation, so that it can elevate its patrimony, through financial or equipment donations, the production of special events, or everything that represents social welfare.
  4. To conform a patrimony for improving the services of the Foundation and its projects.
  5. To encourage the participation of children and parents in all kind of activities of the established programs.