It is the collective and individual effort of the staff that makes a diligent, warm, human and honest delivering of the needs and expectations of the patients and their families, the public in general, and at the interior of the Foundation.


It is the union of efforts and talent for the achievement of common objectives as a main factor which allows tosum up experiences, knowledge, and skills to get the desire results.


It is the identification and loyalty to the goals, needs and purposes of the Foundation, doing all actions proactively and responsibly.


It is the cordial and/or affectionate relationship between the members and working groups of the Foundation that the understanding, support, decent treatment and identifying this relationship creates in us.


It is the pursuit of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing, for establishing ourselves in the best benchmark of local, national and international development in Pediatric Palliative Care.


I t is the maximum development of skills and potential of each of the partners in the attention of service.


It is the understanding, acceptance, and tolerance of different ideas, disciplines and areas of work of colleagues, as well as the treating patients and their families with dignity. Respect requires a culture and environment of dialogue where critiques and self-criticism are an ongoing process that facilitates personal growth and improvement of the Foundation.


It is the act of accomplishing each action assigned, using the experience and knowledge to perform the tasks optimally in order to improve the daily work of the Foundation.


It is to perform successfully and diligently, the different functions and activities that are assigned.


It is to keep fed an attitude of implementation of new projects, goals, benefits, and achievements that contribute to achieve the vision.