Volunteer Group Mission

It is to establish, under the principle of beneficence, psychological support and human presence through human contact and emotional involvement; primarily from patients and secondly for their families towards a better quality of life, according to the philosophy of Palliative Care.


People, who are interested in joining as volunteers of the Pro Palliative Care Unit Foundation of the National Children’s Hospital, must provide the following documents:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Copy of the identity card
  3. Two passport size photos
  4. Personal letter with the specifications of the reasons that motivate the participation
  5. Two recent letters of recommendation

The reception of these documents is carried out throughout the year info@cuidadopaliativo.org

The persons wish to join our volunteer team must have an schedule flexible time, our centers of attentions:

  • Day Center Pediatric Palliative Care San Gabriel in the southern area of the country in Perez Zeledon.
    Open: Tuesday to Friday 7am to 3pm.
  • Day Center Gaston Acosta Rua Pérez Zeledón.
    Open Thursday to Friday. 7am to 4pm.

The process consists of several stages evaluative, whose primary objective is to know if the characteristics of the candidate correspond to the established within the profile and voluntary. Some of the activities carried out by the group of volunteers (as ) of the Foundation Pro palliative care unit, are the following:

  • Provide to the patients and their families human presence.
  • Provide company and human contact to the patients and their Families.
  • Facilitate the rest and comfort of the family.
  • Hear nothing more of the different way individual experience of both patients and their families, that they wish to share.
  • Participate and collaborate with the administration in special activities (birthday parties, celebrations, etc. ) for the patients and/or their families.
  • Support to the institution in the differences that organizes activities.