Patients in Terminal Phase:

Patients with illnesses in the state advanced without possibility reasonable of answer to the curative treatment; presence of numerous problems or intense, multiple symptoms, multifactoriales and changeable; and whose life prognosis is lower than six months.

Patient with limited condition of life:

These are patients with illnesses, some of them progressive, that do not have possibility of healing treatment, and at the same time, the disease entails the presence of multiple symptoms and complications that have an impact on the quality of life; this condition causes a progressive deterioration of health, and an increase of the dependence on their parents, caregivers, and the health personnel.

Children that may require Palliative Care:

  • Those children whose conditions of healing treatment is possible, but could fail.
  • Those children who have illnesses where a premature death could occur, but an intensive treatment could prolong a good quality of life
  • Children with progressive conditions where the treatment is exclusively palliative and it could be extended for several years.
  • Children with neurological damage that can cause weakness and susceptibility to complications.