Throughout the year the Foundation organizes special celebrations and entertainment on special holidays for both the young patients and their families:

  • Kids Day: on September we organize a series of activities through the days and celebrate with patients and their siblings, their day, each of them receives a gift.
  • Christmas Party: It is organized in December for all our children and their families. In addition, each child receives their respective gift, which is donated by workers from different companies and by the organization of different families.
  • Mother’s Day: It is celebrated in August for all moms.
  • Trips: These walks and trips are usually to parks, museums, and stadiums for athletes, visits to companies that invite us in order to know their facilities.
  • To fulfill a dream: Since the beginning we understood the importance for our patients to see their dreams fulfilled, so we organized a group of volunteers who, along with the Foundation team are responsible for make the children’s dreams come true such as meeting their favorite famous person, eating a certain food, knowing a place, among others.

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